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You have groundwork that requires preparation in a narrow area that traditional diggers cannot access!


a mini digger with a fully insured and experienced operator from Dinky Diggers.

"We needed groundwork done that other companies couldn't reach. Dinky Diggers did a smashing job, the digger operator finished the job in hours and left the place clean and tidy. Thumbs up."

Mr. C. Rees

Why Hire A Dinky Digger and Trained Operator?

Here is a selection of ways in which our Dinky Diggers can be used. We have already applied them to each example.

  • Excavating foundations and trenches
  • Ground levelling
  • Garden clearance
  • Tree stump removal
  • Pond digging
  • Groundworks preparation
  • Earthmoving

If you have any of the requirements listed above, please call us on 07976 217491. Conversly you can email us directly from our contact page. All emails are secure.

Small space - Big problem

No access for a hydraulic digger means hours of back-breaking manual labour. Or does it? Actually, no, not with a Dinky Digger. Try our specailised service, you'll be amazed at some of the tight spaces that our Dinky Diggers are able to operate in.

A dinky digger can fit almost anywhere

Incredible, but true. Our mini diggers can operate in a work space only 32 inches wide!

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